Sherrie Hang

About Me


   Hello my name is Sherrie Hang.  I was born  in June 11, 1983 in Forth Worth, Texas and raised in Minnesota 1988.
    I am building my way up to become a model.  I am willing to work with you.  I have some experience but not as much.  All i have is prints.  I would love to do more than just print.  You can view my photos and so forth.

   In 2005 around November or so I went to Susan Page Modeling in Hawaii. I didn't get to do much because I had some family situation, that I had to go back to Minnesota.  From that agent all i have is just print.

  In 2010 around March or so I am in Perfectly Petite, Inc.  I am on call for that agent because of my hours. 


  Thank you for your time to view my profile.  If anything please contact me.  Thank you again.


~*Sherrie Hang*~